Security Guarding

Corvus Security Ltd is North Wales leading security services company.

Corvus offers all solutions for Security Guards in North Wales and the UK and is able to work to your exact requirements being the primary provider of Man Guarding / security guards in Caernarfon, Bangor, Anglesey, Llandudno and Chester. Corvus has worked as far afield as Jersey and Inverness but has strong roots in North Wales, with a turnover and work portfolio larger than that of all other companies in North Wales combined.

Corvus is also the only company to hold SIA ACS in Door Supervision, Security Guarding, Key Holding and Close Protection in the North Wales area and we are also the only company to have had this accreditation for over 11 years, demonstrating our commitment to be the best and offer un parralelled value, customer service and professionalism whilst maintaining competitive rates.

We are able to offer Security Guarding Services for the following and more:-

  • Building Sites
  • Government Buildings
  • Retail and Industry
  • Commercial
  • Ports and Airports
  • Hospitals
  • City Marshals
  • Security Consultancy

We are able to prevent incidents of vandalism, violence towards staff, theft of property and trespass. We are also able to prevent people entering sites for Health and Safety reasons, for example Building Sites. We can provide wide ranging security services

including manned guarding to warehouses, car parks, construction and renovation sites, offices, estates, etc.

We take your requirements seriously and pride ourselves in delivering high levels of customer service. Staff are selected to suit the nature of the work and all staff hold a valid SIA Licence.

Corvus Security Ltd will regularly liaise with you to ensure the level of service is kept consistently high. In addition to the SIA License and training we train our staff on your contract to carry out the specific duties at that location.

Where we differ from other firms in the area:

Management Approach, Job Satisfaction – Corvus Security Ltd, Staff are offered the opportunity to go to college on a part time basis to complete any courses of their choosing. We find this gives our Security Guards added edge, drive and enthusiasm. We believe effective communication between staff, management and you is the key to a professional security solution.

Customer Service, Corvus Security Ltd, managers will work shifts periodically as our team would to see if we can identify and implement processes or physical changes to increase the security or make your life easier.

Quality Control, Corvus Security Ltd, management works closely with our staff and customers. We will frequently check site reports, vehicle logs and other paperwork our Guards are responsible for. These will be signed off individually, timed and dated so you know when and who has been monitoring the staff.

Test your Security.

Corvus Security Ltd’s consultants are able to covertly test your present security arrangements. If you are having issues with security breaches or just for peace of mind, we have the answer. We will test the security, collect video and photo evidence and report write without bias with factual information to back up our reports. Our specialists know the industry, the law and can make sure your security is of a high standard.

In many cases we find the security is more than adequate, there are occasions where improvements could be made. If this is the case we can work with your provider to make the improvements required, without bad feeling being caused between your provider and you.

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