Oculi CCTV

Fast, easy deployment almost anywhere with outstanding image quality, coupled with our tried and tested rapid response service.  With no requirement for mains power or wifi CORVUS OCULi can be used for a wide range of applications / locations with 3G phone signal.
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CORVUS OCULi’s rapid visual verification combined with CORVUS rapid response service, offers a complete and convenient security solution.  CORVUS OCULi is a battery powered wireless PIR motion sensor with integrated colour day/night camera and infrared illuminator.

The system can be SOLAR powered and has a remote VOICE OFF speaker to command trespassers or guide people on site in error to leave the site.

A complete security solution for:

  • Illegal fly tipping hotspots.
  • Construction site security.
  • Remote water supply sites.
  • Scaffolding Protection.
  • Derelict buildings.
  • Vacant Pubs and Hospitality Venues.
  • Gas and water utility sites.
  • Rail
  • Remote location safety
  • Farm protection.
  • Vacant property protection.


Our free client APP is available to view the activations for yourself, though we don’t rely on clients or our drivers to spot a notification, all alarms are monitored via our approved monitoring station who can review the footage and if appropriate activate CORVUS Response Drivers and or the Police.

High performance equipment with superior quality VGA 640×480 colour video

  • The video starts filming in just a few milliseconds after detection ensuring that events are not missed
  • Unrivalled monochrome night-time clarity is achieved using powerful IR LED lighting
  • PIR detection range is 15 metres x 90º using a Quad Pyro Sensor and falls well within the camera’s field of view of 135º to ensure detected movements remain in view
  • Our control can determine signal strength, camera view and PIR detection coverage. Sensitivity, pulse counting and gating are all remotely configurable
  • Quad pyro technology minimizes false alarms and ensures superior detection performance. CORVUS OCULi is fully tamper protected with IR antimasking, 3 axis inertia sensing and enclosed tampers

CORVUS OCULi can be used anywhere that a good 3G / 4G signal is available.

Ask now for a quotation, OCULi is available for as little as four weeks deployment and within 50 miles of our base the install and derig is free of charge…

For any more information or a quotation please feel free to contact us now..