VIP Services

VIP / Bodyguards

If you require security on a one to one basis or for an event or function at home or on the move, Corvus Security Ltd, is able to offer licensed Close Protection Operatives. We will asses the risks applicable to you, your family and guests and make the situation safe and manageable, whilst allowing you to continue with your business or pleasure as normally as possible.  We pride ourselves on integrity and confidentiality and do not disclose any information on our VIP clients whatsoever.  Our staff are polite, helpful and well trained many being from ex military, ex police backgrounds.

Whether you require a 'media blackout' or 'positively managed media' you will find our procedures very effective.  Non of our operatives will disclose anything to the media or anybody else, before, during or after we have completed the service. 

We are able to offer advanced security and transport, for all situations, whether this is done Overtly or Covertly is up to you.  Both male and female operatives are available.

See Close Protection/Body Guarding section for more information.

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